Little Sister's

Little Sister’s Badge Logo Sticker (4×3)


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Little Sister’s Truck Wash Logo Sticker: Heritage on Display

Adorn your gear with a slice of road royalty with our Little Sister’s Truck Wash logo sticker. Measuring 4×3 inches, this emblem of trucker pride is the perfect size to make a statement without overwhelming your space.

Bold Design with a Classic Feel

Featuring the timeless Little Sister’s Truck Wash design with its retro font and soft color palette, this sticker echoes the classic era of trucking. “Since ’90” is more than a date; it’s a testament to decades of service to the road warriors of America.

Durable and Versatile

Crafted for durability, this sticker is made to endure the rigors of the road, just like the trucks you love. Its adhesive backing ensures it sticks where you need it—on toolboxes, laptops, lockers, or the back of your rig—staying put mile after mile.

Celebrate the Trucking Spirit

Whether you’re a trucking enthusiast, a road veteran, or someone who appreciates the culture, this sticker is for you. It’s not just a brand; it’s a banner of the open highway. Get your Little Sister’s Truck Wash logo sticker today and carry the legacy wherever you go.

Weight 1 oz